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Your office chair has serious Mogo envy. It wishes it could be half as clever as Mogo, what with its portability, versatility, and free-wheeling lifestyle. Mogo is the simplest, most supportive portable leaning chair out there.

Find yourself in need a break from standing? Just grab your Mogo, twist on the seat pan, deploy the pivoting leg post, and boom, you have a seat to get your ergonomic lean on. It’s seriously that simple.

Mogo works both indoors and out. It will support you at the sideline of the soccer field on a Saturday morning, or relaxing on a warm summer evening at a music festival. Mogo is right at home in the conference room too, making impromptu collaboration sessions easier than ever. At just two pounds, it is fully collapsible to fit into your tote bag or strap to your backpack.

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